duende Sarah Aviram

A Tattoo of My Face on Her Arm

A reader of my book, Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment, once told me it was: “advice so good, I want to tattoo it on my arm.” 


Well, someone else just actually DID! 


Here’s what happened…


I did a virtual workshop for a large global tech company and as a thank you to the participants, I gave each participant an excerpt from my book to help them take the first step to achieving their professional dreams and creating happiness as a remote worker.


What does it mean to live a life of Duende?


A woman from the company, who attended the workshop read the excerpt and posted this on instagram: 


“I recently read a beautiful essay by @sarahaviram that both captured my nostalgia for what I witnessed then, but also my desire for what I hope to engender more with each passing year of my life.


You see, flamenco dancers only get better with age, as they develop the emotional maturity to “adequately convey the duende (soul or spirit) of the genre. Duende or tener duende (“to have duende”) is a Spanish term for a heightened state of emotion, expression, and authenticity, often connected with flamenco. Therefore, unlike other dance forms, where dancers turn professional through techniques early on to take advantage of youth and strength, many flamenco dancers do not hit their peak until their thirties and will continue to perform into their fifties and beyond” (Wikipedia).


As @sarahaviram wrote – “How incredible would it be to live a life full of duende? To make decisions, take actions, and express emotions that are deeply and authentically you. And to look forward to aging because you know that the more experiences you have and knowledge you acquire, the more connected you will be to your true spirit.”


I want to be constantly reminded that I can continuously peak at any age, over and over again. I want to be brave enough to reinvent myself and my vision for my life, no matter what age I am, to be more authentically myself with each passing year.


Here’s to duende! Olé!”


Not Exactly My Face, But It’s Close!


 This was one of the coolest moments I’ve had since I wrote my book, Remotivation, and started my business! 


And if you’re curious about the story she’s referring to, you’ll have to buy the book to read it! It will help you create your own definition of success. It does this by giving examples of how to activate six key motivations for work: money, identity, routines, growth, impact, and joy.


I’m just kidding, do you think I’d leave you hanging like that?


Here’s the excerpt just for you (though you really should still buy the book ;))!