Failed Resolutions

If you’ve already broken one of your new year’s resolutions on day 4 – welcome to the club! 


The truth is that everything we want to achieve this year is because we think we will feel better once we have it. 


But what if, instead, we focused on the way we want to feel in the process of getting there?


Breaking the Arrival Fallacy


There is a notion called the arrival fallacy. It’s the idea that when you finally reach that goal, or milestone, once Omicron is over, “once I’m able to do X”, that you’ll be happy.


And guess what? Once you get there, you just move the goal or create a new target. So, you’ve got to enjoy the journey to getting there. 


That journey and that process – is your LIFE!


So when it comes to your career, perhaps instead of setting a goal to become a Vice President by the end of the year, consider these questions instead and you’ll be sure to thrive:


  • Do I want an in-office, hybrid or a remote work environment?

  • What jobs or projects do I enjoy the most? Why?

  • What type of work gets me the most excited?

  • What do I love to do?

  • What challenges do I love solving?

  • What kind of project/initiatives would I like to work on more?

  • What are the times when I’ve been happiest at work?

  • What key skills or strengths of mine was I using then that I may not currently be using?

  • How could I recreate those circumstances now?


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