Regret, Marriage, and Your Career

Raise your hand if you regret quitting your job in 2021!


It turns out that 70% of people do. (So don’t be so jealous if you weren’t one of those that quit.)


Speaking of jealousy, one of my favorite speakers is Esther Perel, a psychotherapist and couples counselor, who helps her clients manage challenges in their relationship.


She says that, “In the west today, most of us are going to have two or three marriages or committed relationships. And some of us are going to do it with the same person.


Think about that for a second…She’s saying that some of us will build and experience a new relationship with the same person.


Maybe something similar could be said about your relationship with your current organization after a challenging period, an enticing external offer, or having been together for a long period of time. 


Perhaps, instead of breaking up, you can find and create a better path forward, together.


Because if you don’t take the time to figure out what you really want, what brings you joy, the impact you want to have, the skills and experiences you want to develop, the conditions that allow you to do your best work, it’s likely that after a few months in a new company, you’ll feel the exact same way you did in your prior one.


Acknowledge the Obstacles


You can start the next chapter of your career at your company today by acknowledging the obstacles getting in the way of your success, rethinking what really matters to you, what would make you feel more alive and energized, and most importantly, how to do more of it. 


And you can experiment within an organization that knows you, where you’ve built credibility, a network, and trust. And where they’d be willing to support you in trying new things you haven’t done before.


Start by asking yourself three questions:


1. How can I let go of who or what I think I should do or be and gain clarity on what I truly want?


2. What kind of work energizes me and how can I do more of it?


3. Which skills and experiences do I want to have or develop?


If you’re looking for an inspiring and practical guide that helps you navigate the complexities of career transitions, and personal growth, then my book, Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment, is a must-read.