Mirror Mirror on the Wall

As I logged in early to my 6th video call of the day, I had a minute to stare at my tired face on the screen.


I fixed my unruly hair, contemplated if it’s time to start getting botox, wondered if I should put some lipstick on and if my white background was making my face look washed out. 


The problem is that when everyone else joined the meeting…I didn’t stop.


These thoughts or observations continued because there I still was…starting back at myself for another hour. 


Something tells me you’ve had similar experiences.


Seeing a reflection of yourself constantly while you’re in meetings is distracting and also causes you to be more critical of your appearance.


​Imagine having in-person chat and the other person held a mirror next to their face so you could see yourself talking​.


How strange would that be? How self-conscious would you suddenly get? How much would you really be focused on what you’re saying as well as listening to your friend, with your own reflection staring back at you?


This is what you’re currently doing for hours every day on Zoom. It’s not natural or necessary.


If you have “Zoom fatigue” –  I’ve got a hot tip for you


You can hide yourself without turning off your camera. Simply click on the three dots next to your name in a Zoom meeting and click on Hide Self View.


If you use Microsoft Teams, go to the three dots in your window and then click on “Hide For Me”. 


Others can still see you, but you won’t be staring at yourself – the closest you’ll get to the experience of talking in person. 


This is one simple tip in honor of mental health awareness month that you can do to improve your own mental health.


Give it a try today and if you have to get that spinach out of your teeth, do it quickly and then hide your self view! 🙂


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