How do you motivate employees in this new
age of work? How do you engage them in creating
a new beginning within your company?
Sarah’s practical and actionable keynotes and workshops 
increase engagement and create The Great Remotivation.

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Motivation in the New Era of Work

How to Optimize Performance and Fulfillment

As we emerge from a global pandemic, thousands of employees want a fresh start and new beginning. They think they needed to change careers or organizations to be happier again  –  only to find out a few months later that wherever you go, there you are. In this inspiring and timely keynote talk, Sarah makes the case that remote and hybrid work policies are only a band-aid solution for a much bigger challenge: corporations and employees alike must have a better understanding of what will truly motivate and engage the workforce of the future.

Key Takeaways:

Sarah will share how both companies and individuals can excel in this new world of work where one’s individual identity, priorities, and sources of joy have been questioned and considered more than ever. And one in which a manager’s investment in their direct reports’ emotional well-being, and not just in their performance, is going to make the difference between an organization that survives and one that thrives.


  • Understand the key motivators that impact fulfillment and performance at work
  • Tactics to minimize external pressure and get clarity on what you truly want
  • Actionable advice to create more opportunities for growth and development
  • How to prioritize work you enjoy that also makes a big impact
  • The 3 main questions you should ask yourself and your direct reports quarterly

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Motivation in the New Era of Work

A deep dive version of the keynote talk, this four-part workshop series will empower your workforce to find a deeper sense of fulfillment and reach their full potential in work and life.


This workshop series is a great option for your organization’s talent development programs focused on emerging leaders, high-potential talent, new managers, or high flight risk employees. If the participants are at a management level, these sessions can also incorporate how to apply the concepts, practices, and exercises to their team members.

Key Takeaways:

The Four-Part Workshop Series

  1. Minimize emotional pressure
    • Clarify the values that align with your current needs, interests, and reality.
    • Renegotiate agreements with important people in your life about pressure driven expectations.
    • Examine how other obligations and relationships play a role in your career decisions.
  2. Optimize opportunities for growth and impact
    • Learn how to create a vision for your career that is aligned with what you want now. 
    • Identify the skills, knowledge, and experiences you want to acquire.
    • Clarify the impact you want to have and the value you want to provide to others.
  3. Realize the benefits of joy in your career
    • Consider what kind of work gives you the most energy and leverages your strengths. 
    • Identify opportunities to do more work you enjoy that also makes the impact you desire. 
    • Learn how to have productive career conversations as well as give and receive feedback
  4. Mobilize into action with a personal change management plan
    • Understand the three most significant reasons why people struggle with change 
    • Learn strategies on how to manage your own resistance to change 
    • Create a change management action plan that supports taking action

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Hybrid Work Optimization

Hybrid Hacks: How leaders can design a successful hybrid work model.

While hybrid working models certainly have their benefits, they’re not without organizational challenges. Organizations that take extra precaution to prioritize equality and location-irrelevancy into their future workplace strategy will create a more engaged, committed, and higher performing workforce.

Hacks Discussed

Workplace strategy

Employee Experience​

Knowledge management​

Feedback loop​

In this workshop, Sarah facilitates facilitates a discussion with senior leaders to help them gain alignment on policies, strategies, and expectations that will help create hybrid team success.

Hacks discussed:

  • Outline a Workplace Strategy – Which type of work environment should be used for which types of tasks?
  • Equalize Employee Experience – How will we update employment benefits or perks to be mutually beneficial for both on-site and off-site workers?
  • Provide Workforce Training – How will we measure performance equally and fairly between workers in a variety of locations and time zones?
  • Make Information Accessible – How will we create clear and consistent communication channels to effectively convey updates in policy terms, training resources, and FAQ’s?
  • Mutually Agree to Terms and Expectations – How will we give the workforce a voice via focus groups or surveys in the creation and enforcement of hybrid work policies?

Who should attend?

Team leaders, HR, and other stakeholders responsible for creating and upholding the culture, performance standards, and policies of the organization.

* The above workshop is an introduction to the remotivation concepts.

Hybrid Hacks - Workshop Series

This three-part workshop series dives deeper into the above content and is covered in three two-hour sessions, including one on change management plan creation and activation.

The content can be customized to meet the needs of the organization and participants.

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Change Resilience

Managing Change: How to gain clarity and take action during uncertain times.

When the only constant thing in life is change, why is it still so challenging for us to manage it? When we think of change management, we think of a robust strategy to regulate the impact of large-scale organizational changes. Yet we, as individuals, when we’re dealing with our own version of massive change, try to manage it by ourselves without a plan or support system in place.

The Core Pillars

Embrace Change

Feel Empowered

Support Each Other

Create A Plan

In this workshop, Sarah shows how we can take complex change management practices typically used for organizational change, simplify them, and practically apply them to ourselves to influence our desired outcomes and reduce uncertainty.

You’ll learn how to approach changes in your work and life with the structure and support that you deserve. The more you can be a champion of change, channel your energy into solution-oriented ideas and focus on what you can influence, the more successful outcomes you’ll experience.


  • Learn about the importance of managing change
  • Understand the three most significant reasons why people struggle with change
  • Get strategies on how to manage your own resistance to change
  • Identify how to support others during times of change
  • Create a change management action plan

Who should attend?

All levels – Individuals looking to be more effective in managing both personal and professional changes.

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Virtual Team Collaboration

Work Styles: How different ways of working impact individual and team performance.

Each of us has a preferred way of acting, thinking and making decisions. And these preferences may be expressed differently amongst members of virtual and distributed teams. When you understand your behavioral style, you can use this information to lean into your strengths and become an invaluable member of your team.

The Four Work Styles

The Self-Starter

The Enthusiast

The Analyst

The Collaborator

In this workshop, Sarah shares how having knowledge of your own work style, as well as that of your team members, helps you to increase your performance, build better relationships, and work more collaboratively in diverse teams.

You’ll identify your own work style via an online assessment before the workshop. Sarah will then lead the group in a thought-provoking discussion about how to “flex” your style for better communication with teammates that have different preferences or needs than your own.


  • Identify your own work style through an assessment
  • Recognize the behaviors of the four different styles and how others view them
  • Understand why some relationships are more productive than others
  • Support the style needs of your manager, direct reports, and other co-workers
  • Learn ways to “flex” your style for improved communication and relationships with others

Who should attend?

Entire teams – Managers and their direct reports that want to enhance their team effectiveness and collaboration by learning to identify each of the four remote work success styles, their strengths and weaknesses, and how to adapt to other styles unlike their own.

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