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I Heard About You From Your Ex

There’s a trend in which people that have previously worked in a highly reputable organization write the name of their ex-company in the headline of their LinkedIn profile. 


For example:


Senior Talent & HR Leader | Diversity and Inclusion Expert | Ex-Facebook




Strategic Visionary | Business Development | Sales Leader | Ex-Google


Imagine if the last person you were in a romantic relationship with thought so highly of you that on their new dating profile on Bumble they put:


Avid Surfer | Pizza Connoisseur | Traveled to 50 Countries | Ex- [YOUR NAME]


And by doing so, new potential suitors thought the fact that this person dated you speaks for itself. That this new person must have gained such incredibly relevant skills and experience dating you that they must be a highly valuable asset to their next relationship!


The thought of this cracks me up as I’m writing this! But what is my point here when it comes to your career? 🙂


Your Career Needs Championing


The point is that while there are some exceptions, most of us need to be much more intentional and pro-active in sharing the specific value that we can provide to our current or future employers/clients.


Expecting your manager, peers, mentor, clients, or other connections to recognize your talent, hard work, or reputation, and make things happen doesn’t usually work. They have to connect the dots for you and they usually don’t have all the information they need to do so.


It’s up to you to increase your visibility and advocate for your goals. Your career needs championing, and this responsibility falls on you.


You can do this by regularly communicating your wins and accomplishments with your manager, teammates, clients, and professional network in person, via e-mail, or LinkedIn.


The most effective way to do this is by providing value to others in your communication.


Provide Value to Your Audience


Consider what you’ve learned from your work experiences, the obstacles you’ve faced, and how you can share that knowledge for the benefit of others.


I get Ariana Grande vibes thinking about it. In her song “Thank you, Next”, she acknowledges her ex-boyfriends, shares the challenges she had with them, what she learned from each of them, and how she’s now stronger because of it.


Take a few minutes to do some self-reflection and self-advocacy today!Are you looking yo champion your career in the most effective way so that your efforts don’t go unnoticed? If so, I highly recommend reading my book,  Remotivation: The Remote Worker’s Ultimate Guide to Life-Changing Fulfillment, where I share proven strategies to help you become clear on your career goals, develop expertise to stand out in the job market, and make connections that can open doors to amazing opportunities. Grab a copy today and get started with creating a meaningful and fulfilling career!